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Bunny Bulletin

Our regular bulletin board featuring blog articles, updates and advice from our volunteer team.

Throughout January, Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care will be encouraging all our volunteers, supporters & followers to take part in our New Year Volunteer challenges!

Volunteers are being invited to take part in challenges throughout the month to help raise awareness and funds for the charity at a time of year that is typically very challenging for us as we deal with an increase in requests to rescue unwanted rabbits, and finances become tighter and tighter as each day progresses.

We will also be looking for a number of new volunteers to join our team, and will be sharing opportunities and volunteer stories to give you an idea of what volunteering for FBRC can offer you too.

You can help in a really easy way - simply like & share our stories and posts throughout the month so that as many people as possible get to hear about what we're doing.

Cotton, buddy of Bobbin, recently lost a battle with a stomach blockage and was sadly put to sleep on Friday evening.

Cotton, who was due to be adopted with her buddy on Saturday 16th November 2013, suddenly showed signs of being unwell shortly before her big day.  As we would always do, we treated a change in her behaviour as an indication that she was unwell and started to monitor her very closely.  We arranged a vet appointment for her urgently, and she was found to have a concerning blockage in her intestinal area.  The vet was concerned that the blockage was large and did not feel the same as is often found in a standard GI Stasis cases - he feared it was likely there was some form of disease or tumour within the gut.

We followed a recommended course of treatment in the hope it was a standard blockage, and nursed her along for a number of days on hourly fluid feeds and recovery treatment.

By the following Wednesday we were hopeful that things were improving.  The blockage appeared to have reduced at first and Cotton was showing more interest in eating again.

Sadly though upon starting to eat a little the blocked area became full and hard again, and our vet examination determined that she was deteriorating and becoming weak, fast despite our nursing efforts.

After 1 week of intensive treatment it was recommended that she would not likely survive any surgical attempt to address the blockage, and it was felt that it would be best for her to put her to sleep.

Upon our recommendation the family who had reserved Cotton & Bobbin for adoption had earlier reselected another pair from the rescue and are now the happy owners of Dennis & Minnie.

Cotton & Bobbin had been our stars of the rescue throughout 2013, featuring in a number of our posters, t-shirts, calendar photos and promotional designs, including our Facebook Cover Page.  Bobbin, who continues to be in good health, is now looking for a new home where she can be bonded with a new partner.

At this time of year we find that a number of rabbits in the network start to show signs of illness, and it is not unusual for  vet bills to increase significantly.  Many of our ill bunnies manage to pull through the treatment and make it to a successful adoption at the other side.  You can help by Sponsoring A Hutch, with sponsor packages starting at only £3 per month.

He's only weeks old. He needs more surgery and treatment. Can you help secure Dr Pepper's long-term future.

Born in June, Dr. Pepper is only around 18 weeks old, and already he hasn't had the best start to his life.

Dr. P was originally a Pets At Home rabbit.  His first owner had bought him with another male rabbit from the store, and unfortunately didn't receive any advice about what was likely to happen as the boys got older.  When the boys started fighting after a very short time in their new home, the owner returned Dr. P's buddy to the store, but at that time decided to keep Dr. P on his own. (Rabbits should always be in pairs by the way, so its unfortunate that the store did not offer advice as to how she could keep them together).

3 weeks after his buddy had returned to store his owner discovered he had a significant abscess in his back leg and sought vet advice.  On receiving an estimate of what it would cost she decided that rabbit ownership was no longer for her and turned to FBRC for help rehoming him.

On hearing the story, and recognising the seriousness of the abscess, we prioritised the case and found him a space in our network immediately and sought veterinary treatment right away.

It wasn't long before we also received an enquiry for his adoption and a reservation was made for his new home, once he had recovered from his ordeal.

Dr. Pepper has now been with us for 10 weeks and during this time has had the abscess surgically removed and has been on a number of courses of antibiotics in order to battle the infection.  We thought we had won as the abscess reduced and we started making preparations for his adoption.

On a routine visit to the vet last night (Tuesday 13 November 2013) we had expected he would get the all clear.  However, the vet's thorough examination found that things weren't as good as the appeared on the surface.  Infection had started again to build up deep inside the original wound area, and it is progressing again rapidly.

We are now essentially back to square one with his treatment.  The vet has recommended further surgical treatment followed by further antibiotics, and at this stage we have no indication as to when he may be considered to have fully recovered.

As a result of his condition, we have now also had to cancel his adoption as his new home as they currently have a lonely bunny that needs a husbun urgently.

The winter period is always very difficult for FBRC financially as the pressure on the service increases whilst donations dive.  We NEED to help Dr. P, but we are seriously low on available funds to do it.  So far his treatments have cost in excess of £130 and we expect that this could more than double before he is considered to have recovered.  That's before considering the vaccination and neutering that every rabbit gets, estimating a further cost of £100.


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Hi my names Kerryann and am 21 years old.

I was diagnosed with M.E., Reynolds disease & depression and I also have stomach problems.

When I joined Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care as a volunteer my goal was to help animals, also thinking it might help me build my confidence up and meet new people and go outside as I have anxiety about meeting new people in case they judge me.

I joined the Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care team a year and a half ago and since then I have had 29 rabbits.  From cute and patient ones to the ones that love to bite.  But spending time with them, helping them and getting them rehomed was the best feeling I have ever had.

I fell in love with Posh and Becks, one of my first placements.  They were sweet, kind and loving and it always takes time to let them gain your trust but after a while it feels amazing, like you have achieved the most wonderful goal in life.  At the time I didn’t think I was ready to have my own rabbits and they got rehomed.  They are now in their new home, and they’re happy.

I’ve had my ups and I’ve had my downs. My first proper experience was when I had the 4 Composers.  Two sadly died whilst they were with me. Yes it was hard but it’s one of those things you have to learn to deal with.  The other two were very poorly too.  I took them to the vets and they did say they might pass away as well. I kept them in the house with plenty of hay, they wouldn’t eat though so me and my mum hand fed them  every few hours and eventually after a week they started to become better and better.  The achievement was amazing especially for my first time dealing with sick rabbits.  They recovered fully and they now have a new home as well!

Dealing with rabbits isn’t always easy but if you take your time and know this is what you really want to do anyone can do it.  Myself, my mum and dad have learnt a lot over the last year.  I have gained some confidence and I do go outside a lot more to clean, feed and water them and make sure they're warm. They also need plenty of exercise and plenty of nose rubs and cuddles.

At first I didn’t realise that rabbits were best bonded with another rabbit and now every time I see bonded rabbits I think that’s the way every rabbit should be for company and cuddles, and also because if a single rabbits on its own they would be pretty bored.  It’s just like us humans - we all need someone to love.

I recently adopted my first rabbit Hey Diddle Diddle (now called Biscuit) and hopefully he will be bonded with my other rabbit Fluffy.  You Never know I might get another one to make it into a trio ;-)

The main things I have learned over the year is rabbits are not just to buy for the kids for Christmas, as its not them that are responsible for them!  Parents must take full responsibility for the rabbits.  You cant just give up on them.  I’ve also learned that every year they should get there jags and when they come to you for a forever home make sure they're neutered.  Neutering females especially as it reduced the chance of cancer.  It also helps their temperament.  They need at least 90% of hay.

I have learnt a lot and if you spend time with them they're not boring, especially if you care for them right!  My rabbits love doing tricks; standing up for treats and you can also train the ones that are temperamental so they get used to essential handling and socialisation.

Anyway I just want to say thank you to every volunteer within the team for making me feel welcome.

If you are interested in joining the team, have a look at our volunteer opportunities at

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