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Bunny Bulletin

Our regular bulletin board featuring blog articles, updates and advice from our volunteer team.

So Maoam is settling in nicely.  He is really chilled and relaxed,  very nosey and just wants to explore EVERYWHERE ! 
He still not too keen on being touched.  When he is eating however, he  is quite happy with you rubbing his nose, but only his nose.  He follows you everywhere though !  He is very comfortable with us walking around him and sitting next to him, just as long as you don't touch him.
But when it comes to picking him up, he is brilliant.  Not 100% happy with it but when he is in your arms he sits quietly and has a look around and he is even better when putting him back on the ground.  He so clean when it comes to the toilet !  He does it in his box and only his box. 
He just does his own thing.  You don't really hear him so every now and then you think where is the rabbit and usually he is just lying down on the carpet or on his back legs sniffing up at the guinea pig cage. 
He is such a pleasure and has such a placid nature.

He is currently an outdoor rabbit, but has lots of indoor play time too.

If you think you have the perfect forever home for Maoam please visit



Hi there, my name is Elaine and I have been fostering rabbits for FBRC for a couple of years now.

My first encounter with FBRC was for advice. I had bought a Continental Giant rabbit and was worried that she was lonely and had heard that rabbits very often fight and I didn’t know if I should risk it. David and Feona gave me some wonderful advice and along came Molly as a friend for Meg.

I heard about adopting and was keen to do it so when David and Feona gave me a chance to foster another giant and her babies, I was delighted. They were a pleasure, all found homes and the parents came to live with me permanently.

My next charges were four half-wild babies. A sweet but naughty bunch. Unfortunately they were escape artists and although they stayed with me for a year I had to ask David and Feona to re assign them to someone who could contain them. (They had dug holes through to my neighbours and although they always came back, I didn’t feel I could keep them safe).

Still keen to foster I suggested to David and Feona that I take on rabbits that were needing rehabilitation and I welcomed my next two rabbits, Kate and William, absolutely stunning but unpredictable.

Kate in particular was a biter and not the friendly, nibbly kind. If she became uptight she would lash out. I am pleased to report that she is far more settled now and enjoys cuddles and strokes–although it is always on her terms.

As for William, he is very sweet, I think that Kate being much more calm has settled him too.

Although Kate could not be rehomed as a child’s pet, she would be a lovely addition to someone with more patience and understanding. She and Wills are very easy to fall in love with.

There are lots of rabbits needing someone to look after them until they find their forever home. It is tremendously rewarding having the opportunity to help care for these lovely creatures and to be part of an organisation, a community, that care. I’d really recommend it.

You can join the volunteer team at, or if you think you have the perfect home for Kate & Wills please visit


My names Lhanna and I’m a volunteer for FBRC. I currently foster a pair of rabbits, and when the volunteer challenge was announced I couldn’t resist the opportunity to make some money for the bunnies!

I decided to bake some homemade pet biscuits.  My mum and I have made them previously and had lots of success selling them at events and fundraisers for the charity.
We made Tuna Triangles for cats, Banana Bones for dogs and Cranberry Cookies for Bunnies & Guinea Pigs.


These treats are suitable for cats and dogs with intolerances, like dairy, wheat and cereal - particularly common in dogs. It can be so hard for owners to find tasty treats for their pets that won’t leave them in discomfort.

Also, many rabbit owners find the rabbit treats for sale in stores are full of lots of unfriendly ingredients such as seeds, animal fats and lot of sugars.  My treats are friendly and full of bunny safe ingredients, so owners can purchase them safely and not have to worry.  My bunnies love them!

So far, our total is still rising, and the Cranberry Cookies are still available for purchase, at £2 a bag (includes postage).

So, if you have a bunny or piggie and would like to try some treats please get in touch via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thanks, Lhanna.

On the 8th December 2013, I was told about a volunteers' new year challenge to raise money for Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care.  It seemed a pretty simple task, but as always, there was a catch!

I was given £10 and was told that everything I produced was to be funded by that and only that £10... My mind automatically switched to bracelets, necklaces and earrings with little bunny pendants which I would make and sell.

Then my Auntie (who also helps out at the charity) wondered if car stickers would be a good idea, but not just rabbit stickers, cat and dog ones too.

My mum, Aunt and I all then had a brainstorming night, in which we came up with slogans, such as 'Talk To The Butt Cause The Tail Ain't Listening!' and 'Be Pawsitive' and also all round animal adopting ones, such as 'Who Rescued Who?' And 'Opt To Adopt'.

One of my dad's friends works for Kenwil Print and Design in Kirkintilloch, who can print on anything from pens to car stickers to clothes. I asked him if he could help me design and print some car stickers to be sold.

Things are now underway and we should hopefully soon finalise the designs and be ready to put the items on sale.

I started helping out at Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care a year ago as a Care Assistant and love every single minute of it.  I have had my own bunny for 5 years and he is very much loved but I know he is one of the lucky ones.
A rabbit care assistant’s main role it to care for the bunnies who enter the network at our larger foster carer's sheds in Lenzie or Falkirk, and look after them until they are either fostered or adopted out.  The role is much, much more than cleaning out hutches.

Most of the rabbits that I have been caring for have often been neglected and shy away from human contact and even cleaning out can be a stressful and challenging time.  I love spending time getting to know the bunnies, never rushing them and letting them come and trust me.  There is nothing more rewarding than having a wee bunny on day one terrified and hiding in the corner of the hutch while you deal with them to seeing them poking their nose out the doors waiting for you and starting to play with all your cleaning tools, tossing them up in the air and sitting on your dustpan!!!
One particular case always warms my heart is Velvet.  This bunny was the most nervous bunny I had seen.  First day I met her, I spent time speaking with her and not touching her, within a few weeks she started to come forward and take an interest in what I was doing until she eventually let me touch her.  I couldn't stop smiling all night.  This routine carried on until one night she jumped as I was cleaning the floor.  I thought she had got a fright but oh no, every time I looked at her I was treated to a binky (an uncontrolled, excitable jump that rabbits do).  For us rabbit owners, we know that this is a sure sign of one happy bunny.  That is when I realised that I can make a difference to these bunnies lives.  Patience and trust can conquer all.
Being a Care Assistant has allowed me to grow as a person and has challenged me in a lot of ways: learning how to hold bunnies, give them medicine and how to adapt all my silks to suit each bunny's needs as every one of them is different and comes from a different background.
What I love about the charity is that I am not restricted to being a care assistant.  I am a volunteer and I have been involved in a lot of different areas such as fundraising, awareness days, temporary foster of 6 baby bunnies (such a chore……..sigh), vet trips, clean up days……………the list goes on and on.
Most of all I have met a wonderful group of people who are dedicated to helping promote the welfare of these wonderful animals and I am proud to be part of the team
Would you like to join us?