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David and his wife Feona with two of their pet rabbits.This Easter period, a local rabbit rescue charity encourages you to see past the cute baby bunnies of the season and learn more about the real issues affecting pet rabbits.

Recent research suggests that over 1 million of the UK’s pet rabbit population may not be receiving the five basic needs they require as specified within the animal welfare act, and rabbit welfare in particular is thought to be at critical levels as the rabbit appears to be Britain’s most neglected, abandoned and ill-treated pet.

Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care, a registered Scottish charity dedicated to the improvement of rabbit welfare through rescue and education services, are encouraging families, schools and community groups to join in their Easter campaign, “The Big Hop” throughout March and April.

David Bell, director of the charity, said, “Most people know that rabbits are the 3rd most popular pet, but when you start to talk about what rabbits need the majority of people start to make mistakes.  This is an issue of education and awareness, not cruelty or deliberate neglect”.

The charity, which has been in operation for just over two years, uses volunteer foster families to care for rabbits in need, whilst permanent homes are found.  Many of the rabbits that enter the service have significant health or behavioural problems.  The charity will work closely with each rabbit to bring them back to health and rehabilitate them ready for a family home.  Rabbits are of all ages too, with new born litters entering the rescue service just as regularly as older rabbits.

Their Big Hop campaign invites people to get actively involved, either through fundraising activities or by inviting the charity to attend local schools, nurseries and community groups to offer an interactive rabbit welfare talk featuring rabbit handling sessions.

“We’d love as many people as possible to hold their own sponsored hop event,” David continues, “It’s a great opportunity for some family fun during the Easter period, and can easily raise some much need funds for the rabbits in desperate need of help”.

With an estimated 67,000 rabbits in rescue services throughout the UK, and thousands more being rehomed privately through classifieds and social media networks, the message is clear to those who are considering a rabbit this Easter.

“Make it a chocolate one”, David says, “and if you still want a rabbit after Easter contact us or your local rescue centre and adopt rather than buy from a pet shop or a breeder.  As well as a healthy, loving pet you will get lots of up to date advice and support that is less likely to be available from commercial organisations”.

For more information on how you can get involved with The Big Hop visit The Big Hop website or call Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care on 0141 280 3272.  The team will also be holding a Big Hop event at the David Livingstone Centre on Good Friday and Easter Saturday as part of the National Trust for Scotland’s Easter Events.

It's the month for love, and everywhere you look there's love hearts, and couples, and ""cute"" things.

So some of our lonely bunnies have asked us to work extra hard this month to find them a husbun or bunny-wife.

Today we start with Froo-Froo:

Hello, my name is Froo Froo

I am a beautiful REW (red eyed white) and i am medium to large in size. I am very clean, always use my litter tray, eat all my hay and keep my paws sparkly white.

As i openly admit i am a very prim and proper bunny, i think my ideal date would be high tea with a handsome bunny, then sharing a piece of hay under the moonlight, re-inacting the famous ""Lady and The Tramp"" spaghetti scene.

Do you have a lonely buck looking for love? If he is looking for gorgeous, friendly, outgoing lady friend, tell him to look no further, Little Bunny Froo Froo awaits.

If you would like to adopt Froo-Froo, or to see some of our many other rabbits looking for a permanent home, please see

Nominate us for the Petplan & ADCH Animal Charity Awards

Are we doing a good job?  If you think so, why not consider submitting a nomination to the first Petplan & ADCH Animal Charity Awards.

The Petplan & ADCH Animal Charity Awards recognise the outstanding work of staff and volunteers in animal charities across the UK. These new awards aim to celebrate the success of teams and individuals who have gone that extra mile to help rescue and rehome animals in need.

Of the award categories, the ones which we feel are relevant are:

  • Animal Charity Team of the Year
  • Animal Charity Volunteer of the Year

Rabbit welfare is so often over-looked due to the popularity and awareness of dog & cat charities, and we feel it would be an excellent tribute to the rabbits to have one of the UK’s dedicated rabbit charities recognised in the awards.

You can make your nomination online at, or you can request a nomination form directly from us.

The closing date for nominations is Friday 15th March 2013, and the awards take place on Thursday 2nd May 2013 as part of the ADCH Conference.

If, on the other hand, you feel we should be doing things differently, we’d love to hear from you, and would be happy to take your comments into consideration when planning future activities for the charity.

You can also review our rescue service at  Rescue Review is a free to use, unbiased animal adoption comparison site and rescue directory.



We are delighted to welcome Bunny Green on to the Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care Management Committee.

In her role as Committee Member, Bunny will help to support the charity directors David & Feona Bell with the overall running of the charity, including fundraising, rescue services and supporting the various volunteers.

Bunny has years of experience as a rabbit owner, and has supported David & Feona with various fundraising activities over the past 12 months and we are thrilled to be in a position to recognise her support formally in this way as the charity continues to grow.

Over the coming weeks we will explore how Bunny will get involved in the charity a little more.

This is another indication of how well the charity is doing just now, and a reminder of how reliant we are on our excellent team of volunteers throughout the area.  As we continue to grow in the coming years we are confident there will be a need to further expand our Management Committee.  If this is an area that may be of interest to you, please make one of the team aware and we will include you in our considerations in the future.

In the meantime, we hope you will join us in welcoming Bunny to her new voluntary role.


Christmas is over. The New Year has begun. And now our attention falls to the next big holiday: yes, Easter is coming! And in preparation for it, Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care are launching their ""The Big Hop"" campaign for 2013!

From January until April 2013 we'll be inviting the charity's supporters and local community and school groups to take part in their own sponsorship events. These sponsored hops will help raise much needed funds for FBRC during the Easter period.

We're also inviting nurseries, schools, youth groups and other community organisations to invite us to hold our interactive ""The Big Hop"" awareness demonstrations and talks: Learn why ""Rabbits need SHEDS"" and how the UK's 3rd most popular pet continues to be our most abandoned and neglected.

We'll soon be sharing plans for various events that will be happening as part of the campaign. We'd love you to get involved, so start thinking about your own sponsored event. Perhaps you could do a sponsored bungee jump, space hopper race or trampoline event with your friends or family? Checkout for further details, including downloadable sponsorship packs, educational materials and children's games and factsheets.

And don't forget to watch this space for further details on The Big Hop 2013!