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A local rabbit rescue charity is appealing for help as they try to find the owners of a rabbit that was found this weekend in the village of Quarter, South Lanarkshire.

The bunny was found on Sunday 5th June by a member of the public in a private garden in the Limekilnburn Road area of the village.  Efforts to identify an owner have been unsuccessful and so he was handed into the care of Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care.

The Kirkintilloch based rabbit-dedicated rescue charity, with a number of foster carers operating throughout Scotland, is seeking support from anyone who may be able to help them find the original owner.

“It is very common for strays to be found at this time of year, especially with such wonderful weather,” says David Bell, co-director of the charity.  “People often only let their rabbits out for exercise when the weather is good, and so it may be easier for the rabbit to escape if the garden is insecure.  He appears to be in great condition, so we are hoping that someone is missing him and looking for him”.

The volunteer team have nicknamed the rabbit ‘Lindt’ due to his chocolate coloured markings.

“We would love to get in touch with Lindt’s owners and reunite them again.”

If you have any information that may help Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care find Lindt’s owner, please call them directly on 0141 280 3272, or via their website.

For some time Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care has sourced exercise runs for our foster care network from various sources, including online and local retailers and via donated equipment to the rescue.  It continues to be a challenge to source affordable equipment that also meets our minimum requirements, whilst also ensuring that our charitable funds are protected to allow us to meet our monthly vet bills and other expenses.

We had identified the 85” XXL Metal Rabbit Run distributed by Bunny Business Ltd as an attractive option, and over the past few years we have invested in the purchase of a number of these runs.  The run fell short of the exercise requirement ever so slightly, but with an excellent price of only £44.99 per run, we felt it was a wise investment for the care of rabbits that were in our temporary care.

In the Summer of 2015 we were made aware of a health & safety risk associated with these runs that many of you may be aware of.  The scenario is one whereby the rabbit is excited or spooked in the run and travels at speed towards the run panels.  Due to the speed of impact the rabbits force is then able to cause the bars to separate allowing part of the rabbits body to squeeze through the bars which subsequently retract capturing the rabbit within the bars of the run.  In many reported cases it is the rabbits head that becomes trapped and it has also been known for the rabbit to die as a result of the injury – either directly at the time of the incident, or indirectly as a result of injuries caused.

We were immediately concerned about these reports, but also had not experienced any issues directly ourselves.  Following a review we decided that we would not purchase any additional runs of this style, but were not in a financial position to replace all the runs within the fostering network given the investment already made in the equipment.  We immediately issued instruction to our foster carers that the runs should only be used under strict supervision to reduce the risk of injury, and it was our intention to slowly phase out their use completely as finances allowed us to replace the run equipment.

Over the past few months we have received a few reports from our foster carers that the runs have become increasingly dangerous.  We are unsure if this is coincidental, but we suspect that the products weaken in time making it more likely that the bars within the run can be manipulated to bend and allow the animals to pass through.  Thankfully in this handful of incidents there has always been a carer on hand to prevent injury and ensure that the rabbits are safe.  However, this week we have had an incident where we were not so lucky, and sadly a rabbit has passed away as a result of injury within these runs.

We have therefore made a decision to cease the use of these runs immediately!

We were already working on a full review of our rabbit housing and exercise equipment at FBRC, with a view to launching a campaign in the coming weeks to fundraise for the purchase of high quality, longer lasting equipment that will provide warm, safe equipment for the charity to use over a number of years to come.

Following this incident this week we have been forced in to a position where we will need to replace a fifteen of our runs in advance of this campaign.  Our funds are very limited, and this means that the runs we seek to replace them with are not the high quality custom built runs we had hoped to fundraise for.

In our search for a suitable alternative that can be supplied quickly and at a reasonable price, we were delighted that Home and Roost were happy to help.  They stock the 4ft Chartwell XL which meets our minimum exercise space requirement of 8ft x 4ft.  With next day delivery available, John of Home and Roost was delighted to offer us a special rescue discount.  We are now planning to distribute these throughout the foster care team immediately and ensure that all the rabbits in our care continue to get regular exercise in a safe, comfortable environment.

We have contacted Bunny Business Ltd for comment, as we note many other rabbit owners have done, and have had no response as yet.  It appears that they are unwilling to accept the risk their product poses to animals, and they continue to sell these runs via various online platforms.

We would strongly urge anyone who has this product to cease using it immediately!  We thoroughly recommend the larger run products available from Home and Roost as a suitable alternative, or you may wish to contact a local joiner or blacksmith for a quote on getting a custom exercise run to your own specification.

Home And Roost

We would point out that we are aware of other metal framed exercise runs that are safe to use.  The issue relating to this run is a result of a low quality, malleable metal wiring structure.  Runs made of stronger or thicker metal wiring may not pose the same risk.

If you would be willing to contribute towards the costs of our replacement runs, your support would very much be appreciated. Please donate via our JustGiving account.


December is a very important month for all of us at Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care as it will be out 5th Birthday.

In a way of celebrating in true bunny fashion, a group of our volunteers will be signing up to take part in the Glasgow Santa Dash on Sunday 6th of December and we would love for our supporters, adopters and general bunny mad people to come join us and have a whole load of fun and help us raise the profile of the charity and some much needed funds.

Don't worry if you are not a runner or a dasher, our group of volunteers will have a mix of ages and abilities so our grand plan is to walk the course and have some fun taking in the sights and the atmosphere.  The Santa Dash is very much a fun event and anything goes.  You will see people of all ages from young to old, prams and scooters, dogs dressed as Santa, the list is endless.   If you do want to run the course then go for it, just remember you need to binky at the end!!!

Fancy joining us?  If so, please click on the link below to register using the team name of Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care.  Then, print off your sponsor form and start raising money for all our wonderful bunnies who will be in our care over the winter.  

Winter is a particularly hard time for the charity due to bills still having to be paid but very little opportunity available for fundraising.  This is why this event is important to us.  What better way to spend a few hours on a Sunday morning than putting on a Santa suit and some bunny ears knowing that every penny raised will go directly into helping the bunnies within our care.

If you are planning to or have registered for the event and wish to fundraise on our behalf, can you please send us a quick email so we can keep you up to date with the meeting point prior to the race.

Monies collected can either be given to one of our volunteers on the day or can be donated via Just Giving.

Don't fancy being out in the cold with us?  Why not sponsor us instead.

I really hope you can join us on the day and to thank you for your on-going support because without you our charity would not be what it is today.

Create Your Just Giving Sponsorship Page

Getting sponsorship is easy with a Just Giving Sponsor Page:

  1. Sign-up and create your sponsorship page at
  2. Once you've created your page to share with friends and family, be sure to join the Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care page too!

18-26 June 2016 is Rabbit Awareness Week throughout the UK: a week where various animal welfare charities, rescues, pet stores and vet practices all get together to highlight rabbit welfare issues and promote these much loved and yet very much misunderstood pets.

RAW 2016 is all about #BuddiesForBunnies, promoting the need for all rabbits to have company.

Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care, a Scottish Registered Charity dedicated to providing rabbit rescue, adoption, bonding and care advice throughout Scotland are firm believers that every rabbit needs a buddy, and all our adoptive homes are checked to ensure that they will meet the needs of their new pets.

All the money raised from the sale of our t-shirts throughout the RAW 2016 campaign will be used directly to support the charity's funds to help pay our ongoing vet bills.  Each rabbit in the rescue typically costs us around £100 to prepare for adoption: vaccinations & neutering costs.  However, many of the rabbits also have additional care needs costing the charity much more.

We therefore do not make any profit from any of rabbits, and your support through this campaign will ensure we are able to continue the work we do, and help towards ensuring rabbits in Scotland get #BuddiesForBunnies.

Buy Your T-Shirts Now

All three of our RAW 2016 T-Shirt designs are available to purchase until 31 July 2016, and each design is available in Ladies, Unisex and Kids t-shirt styles too!

Design 1: Orange Bunny Butt Design

Design 2: Purple Bunny Butt Design

 Design 3: Purple Kissing Bunnies Design

Design 1: Orange Bunny Butt Design Design 2: Purple Bunny Butt Design Design 3: Purple Kissing Bunnies Design






Are you aged 16 – 30? Are you looking for a new challenge?  Do you have a passion for animals, and want to do more to help them?  Perhaps you are looking for more experience with animals to improve your future opportunities for studies or career?  Do you have 20 – 30 hours per week?

Our Rescue Services Assistant role, supported by Project Scotland, could be just what you are looking for!  Working directly with the charity’s management team you will gain hands-on experience with our rescue rabbits, alongside vital customer service and organisational skills that all colleges, universities and employer’s will value.

As well as the direct experience gained by working with the charity, Project Scotland will offer further support by offering financial support towards your travel expenses, an independent mentor to support you with your placement and any related studies or employment applications, plus regular additional training workshops and seminars.

Our placement is for an initial 3 month period, with the potential to extend beyond this if appropriate to allow further experience as required.

Read about Bethie and Natalie’s experience in the role here.

For more information about our Rescue Services Assistant Role, and to apply, please visit our website.