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Sponsor A Hutch

Caring for the rabbits in the FBRC network costs a lot money!  With neutering and vaccinations for each rabbit, vet fees alone are an average cost of £100!

You can help with our Sponsor a Hutch packages.

Your regular giving allows us to focus on caring for the rabbits safe in the knowledge that funds are on their way.  Each sponsor receives a certificate of thanks, FBRC Keyring, "I Sponsor a Hutch" Car Sticker, 6 monthly newsletter featuring the current inhabitant of their hutch.

The Bunline Dating Hutch, for our single rabbits.  Only £3 per month or £30 per year. The Couples Cuddle Hutch, for our bonded pairs.  Only £5 per month or £50 per year.
Help one of our single rabbits in their search for a new home and a new mate!  As well as general day-to-day care, your donation will help towards paying to neuter and vaccinate a single rabbit ready for their permanent home. Did you know it takes us longer to find a new home for bonded pairs?  In a large number of cases too only one of the pairs will have been neutered when they enter the network, so your donation will help towards ensuring both rabbits are neutered and vaccinated ready for their new home.

The Walton's Family Hutch, for our litters and bonded groups.  Only £7.50 per month or £75 per year. The Ward Hutch, for our sickly bunnies.  Only £10 per month or £100 per year.
Help our family groups and unwanted litters!  We regularly have bonded groups or litters in the network, and they always take more care than any other placement we have.  Neutering is even higher on the agenda for these guys as its important to get them done as soon as possible so the group can stay together until suitable homes are found for them all.  But with so many needing done in the group, its not long before the costs soar.  Your donation helps us to keep the group together as long as possible whilst we find those perfect homes. Not all rabbits are simple to prepare for a new home.  In fact a great deal of the rabbits that enter our network come in with additional needs and can often result in very expensive vet bills as we manage their various, complicated health needs.  Your donation for The Ward hutch helps us to provide the best possible care available to bring a sickly bunny back to health and ready for a new home.

All payments for our Sponsor A Hutch schemes are managed by Just Giving.  Monthly schemes are processed via Direct Debit.  Annual schemes will be initiated via a one-off donation, followed by annual reminders inviting you to renew your annual subscription.

Don't Forget The Gift Aid! If you qualify for Gift Aid, you can add Gift Aid to your donation and make your donation worth an extra 25%!